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The HP Pavilion x360 14m-ba114dx is a multi-functional tablet laptop released in July of 2018. It is powered by the Windows 10 Operating System and includes an Intel Core i5 8th Generation processor.

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Questions about HP pavilion x360 (14-dw1052tu)

Can you tell me the part number (product code) of the cooling fan part of HP14-DW1052TU?

Part number(product code) Example

Block Image

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Usually HP uses Delta or Sunon, depending on what is available that day. My experience is the Delta fans tend to be better in the laptops than the Sunons, so try and find a Delta variant for your laptop. Many laptops use a semi custom fan, so you’ll need the exact HP P/N.

Both are good fans, but I’ve found the Deltas are quieter for the same amount of air in many cases.

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Hi @bp_t628,

I couldn’t find any information for your exact model but the HP product number for a HP Pavilion x360 14 DW0000 series laptop fan is L96492-001

See p.29 item #13 from the maintenance and service guide for the laptop series, taken from this webpage

I also tried using this webpage but it didn’t like your model number either. Try searching using the product number of the laptop as found on the information label on the underside of the laptop and see if you get results for your particular model.

if no good you may have to get the one for the laptop series.

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