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Repair information for the Lenovo U41 laptop released in July 2015. Model number: U41-70.

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I see hard disk not installed

Hi, I have a lenovo laptop model u41-70 in the bios I see hard disk not installed but the disk is there and it is working, I tested it with a serial ata usb adapter. What could be the problem?

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@Mario Macri' First of all, back up your hard drive immediately (if it's not already backed up). Second of all, try to reset your BIOS to factory defaults and see if that helps.

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Usually no drive detected means the drive is locked in a BSY state (for all intents and purposes unless you can reset it, *dead*) or it’s flat out dead. In some cases depending on the type, it may be loose. Yours is showing, so it may be on the way out and you have time to do a backup. Seriously - DO NOT MESS WITH IT UNTIL YOU DO A BACKUP! This is your LAST CHANCE.

If it’s a SATA 2.5”, try a reseat and see - seriously, hope for the best case scenario. If a reseat doesn’t help, the drive may be dead - test externally to make sure it isn’t the controller (rare, but possible - unlike IDE, SATA has hotswap support so it survives better). 95% of them are dead if it doesn’t show in BIOS.

If it’s the M.2 SSD, it’s usually dead. Make sure it’s well seated and if you have concerns, remove the screw and reinstall it. If that doesn’t help, that drive is usually dead (if it’s NVMe based, communicates with the CPU instead of the PCH/integrated NB. For SATA, it talks to the NB or PCH - bad motherboard if you see this on multiple drives, and no BIOS update fixes it). Depending on if it’s SATA or NVMe, you’ll need to make sure the enclosure properly works with the drive in question if you test it that way to be sure.

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