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Known as the ''PS2'', it is a sixth-generation video game console first released by Sony in Japan in March 2000. The United States saw it later in 2000 with the SCPH-30000. Repair of this device requires only common tools, but can get tricky.

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PS2 Controllers Not Working

Here are the symptoms

- My og PS1 and og PS2 do not work in game but they do work in the system menu in port 2. Both analog lights come on at all times

- My 3rd party controller works at all times however the sticks and buttons feel so terrible to play with that I cannot bear to use it.

The only things I can think to do would be buying a new controller or changing out the controller port in the system, however I do not want to do anything unless I'm sure It will solve my problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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sounds like corrosion has formed on the port wires. a desolder and clean and resolder may fix it. been a long time so having trouble remembering

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