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Laptops made by the Chinese company Huawei.

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Huawei matebook x Pro - Not turning on (blown mosfet)

Hallo i trying to learn how to troubleshoot/diagnose laptop motherboards. I have here Huawei matebook x pro i7/16gb.

Laptop wont start only keys capslock and fn lights light up and fan start spin for 3 seconds bud light stay on. And power light just blinking.

My steps what i done.
- At first i see blown mosfet, ok i replaced it with new one (still dont help) - i am wondering what can couse the mosfet to blow
- find lot of shorts on top site on the board (i think it is a shorted cpu but it is unlikely to be cpu it is rare)
- and i dont know what to do next maybe someone can help me figure it up.

I attaching a short videos that you can see where are shorts and so on.
Link to video 1 (Diagnistics): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G1vh6mX...
link to ivdeo 2 (How much power taking when charging): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RP4cZgW...
link to ivdeo 3 (What he do when i try turn it on battery): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gzX-dZf...

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hi. I got the same problem. anybody found a solution ?


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What is the motherboard's board number or the laptop's full model number perhaps?

It may be easier to purchase the schematic for the board to find out what's wrong.

Saves a lot of time and frustration

The link above is for a MACH-W19C (2018 model) but there are other models of Matebook X Pro e.g. MACHC-WAE9LP (2020 model) so finding the correct one is essential.

Just what I'd do.

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I know but for me is pointpless to buy schematic if cpu is gone i just need som step when i can move next something that would help me. (just some basics)

But thanks for replay, I appreciate it.



The schematics will tell you what the mosfet is connected to and why it might have failed, a lot easier than trying to find out by trying to trace the tracks especially if they're hidden in the layers of the motherboard.

Also there may be other components that may have failed and may not have markings e.g. resistors, capacitors, diodes etc and the only way to find out is by their board designation and then refer to the schematics as to the type/value etc.

Board level fault finding is not easy and a component can fail for a variety of reasons, not just the same reason every time, so the schematic is essential. Otherwise it is just guesswork.


Sonyx schematics are always useful and necessary for proper troubleshooting. Nobody can repair a circuit without knowing what it does and what it connects to etc. You definitely want to start with that.


The laptop no longer opens / charges. The charging led no longer lights up. The battery keeps me 7 hours usual. A few days I appear after it suddenly closes a blue box "no boot device" huawei matepro limited edition 2018 /2019


Hi, no idont really fixed it but i still have that board if you need it.


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I think it may be the processor or even the whole motherboard…

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I think processor was at fault. Because when that MOSFET broke it release high voltage to the CPU and it can't handle that much


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