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Laptops made by the Chinese company Huawei.

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Exchange phone battery with higher capacity one?

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Can I replace my huawei nova 3i battery “ HB386589ECW rated capacity 3750 mAh/13.95Wh with battery HB436486ECW rated capacity 3900mAh/14.9Wh” ?

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Hi @mohamedhassane ,

Short answer is NO as it won’t fit in the phone.

The dimensions for the HB386589ECW are 87.10 x 64.20 x 3.60mm.

The dimensions for the HB436486ECW are 84.4 x 63.06 x 4.15mm

So even though it is shorter and narrower, it is thicker so the case may not close properly and trying to fit it may exert too much pressure on the battery and the other components in the phone. Also there is no guarantee that the battery connector wiring is the same used for both batteries.

Not worth the risk for only a small increase in capacity

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thanks @jayeff for such direct detailed answer.


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