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Repair guides and support for medical walkers. A walker or walking frame is a mobility tool used for disabled people who need additional support to maintain their balance or stability while walking.

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I need somebody to fix my hand brakes

I need somebody to fix my hand brakes

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near Ithaca NY


Can i fix my own brakes?


If you can work a screwdriver and maybe a pair of pliers, then yeah, I'm betting you most certainly can fix your own brakes.

We'll be happy to help, but in order to do so we'll need quite a bit more information. For example, the make and model number of your walker if at all possible, and adding pictures may help too.

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Describe to us what's happening with your brakes; what are they doing or not doing? The more detail you give the better your answers will be.


I can not pull the wire tighter, and the hand brake is still loose.


Do Medicare pay for repair


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Try contacting a mobility device shop (i.e. shop that sells or hires out walkers, wheelchairs etc) that does repairs or a bicycle repair shop in your location and ask if they can repair your walker and how much it would cost.

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I need someone to tight the brakes on walker when put breakes on it still moves a bit I am in Chomedey Laval but need a place here or in Montreal to repair it



Look online for the type of repair service, as suggested in the answer above that is located in your area and contact them about it.


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