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The M3D Micro is an affordable 3D printer that comes in a small compact size.

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Help recognizing burned component

Hi M3D Micro owners!

I have recently noticed one component (I think is a transistor) is burned, and I need help knowing which one it is.

I didn't find any schematics for the board, so I have no clue.

I would really appreciate any help here. I want to replace the component and fix the printer.


Block Image

Block Image

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Which board is this? Is this the logic board or the Power and Data board?


I think my Micro is the first one they released, since I bought it from Kickstarter. Therefore it only has one logic board.

I have edited my comment, adding the full board image.

Thanks Jacob!


Это стабилизатор питания на 3,3V для микроконтроллера. Если его пробило, через него мог сгореть и контроллер.

This is a 3.3 V power stabilizer for the microcontroller. If it broke through, the controller could also burn through it.


SOT-23 XC6206P332 or XC6206 or SMD(662K) 3,3 В/0.5A


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check out this datasheet


GW9 = AP2127N-3.3TRG1 = 3.3V regulator

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@ruggb same result for me. Got the right symbol and right marking.


Thank you! I think you have found it! I will order the component, replace it and let you know.


I found a cheap option to order it from Europe, if someone else is interested:



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Hi @kuruchy

For what it is worth here's a zoomed in image from Step.7 of the ifixit M3D Micro Data and Power Port Replacement which shows the component.

Although what GW9 (I think) means I don't know. Looking at this link it may be some sort of voltage regulator?, but as to its value that is also something else, I don't know.

Then again it may just be the component manufacturer's marking and not a value marking

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

Hopefully a start

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hi @jayeff, thanks 👍.

Taking a look at the circuit itself, and how it got burned, it makes total sense that it is a voltage regulator.

With GW9 at least I have a hint on how and what to test.


If anyone has more info to which component exactly is, would be great.


Taking a look at all the manuals you added, it could also be a voltage detector.




Long shot perhaps but looking at the image you provided are there any other similar sized ICs on the board having the same marking as the faulty one?

Sometimes more than one may be used in a circuit.

If there is it may give some idea as to what it might do, depending on where it is situated.

Very hard to know without a schematic. ;-(


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