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Compatible wifi card upgrade?

The stock wifi card supplied with this laptop has been known to have spotty reception. What options are out there for a replacement that will also have good Bluetooth functionality?

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@funnyfungi instead of the Realtek RTL8852AE try a Intel 9260NGW Anything else will be up to you to try it out. Lenovo knows the issue but does not correct it, no surprise there. The only officially recommended card is the Realtek.

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Yeah, at least HP and Dell ship Intel AC/AX cards in their high end laptops. Low end cards should be a do not buy concern. Even the Killer wireless cards are based on Intel now.

This shouldn't have a whitelist, that ended after Broadwell.


Thanks, does it matter who manufactures it? I'm seeing a lot of companies I never heard of but they could just be whoever happens to be making the chip.


@funnyfungi no it does not. It is the chipset that matters.


@funnyfungi Look for an Intel AC/AX card. Those are the best, especially Killer compatible ones. The AX200 in my i14 7000 has been a solid little card.

Even if your router isn't AX compatible, it will run at AC speeds no problem. I run mine on a AC network... ugh, Asus just put out AX routers somewhat recently too.




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