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This printer was released for retail on April 25, 2005. It has been discontinued by Kodak.

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Color Cartridge Light is Always Amber

I have a Kodak easyshare printer dock series 3, and the color cartridge got stuck. I was able to pull it out, but now the color cartridge light is always amber. A couple of gears fell off near the roller in the front, but I can't tell where they go and can't find any clear pictures of the gear layout online. I belive that the gears are used to move the color cartridge.

Edit: here are the pictures of the gears

Block Image

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@jbm11208 going to be a tough fix since there are no service manuals etc. out for it. This "A couple of gears fell off near the roller" is worrisome. For now I suggest that you check on videos like this to see if you can identify the gears that fell off on yours. Also, it may help us if you post some good pictures of what all of this looks like on your printer, with your question. You will need to edit it and add images use this guide Adding images to an existing question

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I added a picture


The video is not clear enough for me to tell exactly where to put the gears


@jbm11208 okay let me see if I have one or can get my hands on one, to teardown. Don't give up just yet.




@oldturkey03 I found where the gears go, and got the paper to go through, and it seems like it's working, but it then spits the paper back out onto the tray where it started empty, and then the paper light blinks amber.


@jbm11208 well after all it's a step in the right direction. Hopefully taking delivery on a unit next week so I can check it out and see what we can do to fix yours.


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