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Выпущенный 24 сентября флагманский смартфон Apple 2021 года оснащен 6,1-дюймовым OLED-дисплеем ProMotion, новой системой задней камеры с тремя объективами и 5G. Преемник iPhone 12 Pro.

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Will this phone keep working even with a inactive S/N?

I bought this 13 Pro to tide me over until September. However, my FaceID was weird and I called Apple to have them take a look at it to see, and we found the S/N was bad; that was the final straw for me. I called eBay, and the seller denied my refund ACCUSING ME OF REPLACING IT when I never did despite having concrete evidence it was not me, and now I am appealing with eBay. I need to see who I did it with (Apple Pay or PayPal) and plan the dispute there if all else fails and then go to the top if need be but if I lose on all 3 fronts and decide to cry in a corner about this and keep the phone will I run into activation issues later on on the Apple servers?

I know Apple will not repair it, but that's fine as we know how to clone things like battery IDs and TrueTone data... Until FaceID dies, then the phone is permanently crippled.

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face id isn't necessary to the phone, the only time you would have issues is if you tried to replace face id, in fact, iphones don't even need cameras either, they can function just fine without those too, and im sure many other things you can remove before making the phone ACTUALLY unusable, so the phone wouldn't be crippled, you just have to use a passcode instead of faceID and turn it off on settings.

good luck!

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Accepting this despite the fact I am parting ways with the phone. I don't want to be on the end of it dying while I can get rid of it and a refund. Not for $707...


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