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Why wont this McAfee pop up ad get off my screen?

Ever since last night when i had got minecraft, a McAfee popup ad has been on my laptop screen and i am unable to get it off. When i clicked on it on accident, it took me to a white screen where i had to choose between 2 options of extending my protection. This is extremely strange because as far as i am aware, i do not have McAfee installed and i have checked everywhere and it is still not installed. I dont know how to fix it and i cannot use my laptop as the pop up is in the way.

Block Image

Block Image

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Please post a screenshot of the popup and the white screen that it takes you to. You will need to edit them into your post so that we can see them.

Take a screenshot:


Save that screenshot on your computer.

Post that screenshot here: Adding images to an existing question


That kind of sounds like a virus. Try running an antivirus program. If you don't have one installed, just use the built-in Windows Security program.

Good luck!


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@froggiee85047 The "Powered by PC App Store" at the bottom of the ad is a clue.

Do you have another computer and a flash drive that you could borrow?

When downloading Minecraft, always go directly to https://aka.ms/minecraftClientGameCoreWi... . If you want to be extra safe, use a browser with no extensions installed.

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