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Blurry camera photos after repair, torn flashlight proximity ribbon

iPhone 13pro. I am getting blurry photos. I replaced the screen and rear glass. I don’t know what the photos were like before as I got it second hand.

After a second inspection I have found a torn ribbon that’s attached to the torch but my torch still works.

Could this torn ribbon be why my camera is not focusing?

FYI I didn’t use any heat whilst removing the rear glass. Just a chisel 😂

I got the rear glass from China which I fitted then found out that the LiDAR sensor location on the glass was completely blacked out so there was no way the sensor would ever see through that glass. I removed the glass but hasn’t made any difference. I have tried to open the measuring tape app to test it but it does not work along with my compass also not working.

Any help would be amazing thank you!

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Did you remove / smudge the camera lenses when removing the back glass? You should give the camera and inside of the rear glass a good cleaning with a microfiber / lens cleaning cloth. The LiDAR sensor might be used to aid in the focus of the camera, so if it can't "see" through the back glass that could be a problem.

Do you have pictures of the damaged ribbon cable? It's possible that it carries signals necessary for camera operation along side power for the LED.

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Hi Chris, I didn’t remove the camera at all.

The camera doesn’t focus at all even when tapping on the screen on each zoom.

I do have a picture but don’t have any idea how to post it on here.

I ordered the replacement flashlight and ribbon so hoping it sorts it. The description of the part is (1pcs Proximity Distance Ambient Flash Light Sensor LED Flex Cable Repair Parts For iPhone)

From that description it sounds like it could be the issue but I have no idea till I try


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