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Released in December 1, 2020. Manufactured and Distributed by Lenovo with model number 17ACH6H.

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Component at PQ3001 burned out, cost estimate of repair?

I used a third party AC adapter, smoke came out of the charger port, then the laptop shut down.
Lenovo Legion 5 17ACH6H Type 82JY, 2020 not pro, Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX 3060, 16GB RAM
My laptop, position PQ3001, and possibly the capacitor next to it.
Here a user says it's 30V N-Channel MOSFET in a DFN 3x3 EP package

I live in Spain, would you please help me locate the components and how to repair it myself, or what to ask to ensure that a repair shop is capable of repairing it?
What is the likelihood of another component(s) also being damaged. I see no physical damage elsewhere.

The laptop will power on, the fans and keyboard light turn on, but the screen stays black and nothing further happens. No response, no beeps.

Update (10/01/23)

@jayeff The model number I think is one of these. I'm not 100% on what I'm looking for. I had to remove the heat sink to see either of these marks.

Mobo images & closer images: https://imgur.com/a/enNWH56



HY572 10D2



HY660 HY661 HY561 HY572 HY56C HY57K


The capacitor seems unmarked. It's next to PL3001, but I assume that's not the capacitor.

The non-burnt out piece next to the burnt one says 7380 NLON2D on it. The burnt piece looks like it says R20, B20 or P20 on it, but it's hard to tell.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @timothyparadis,

What is the model number of the motherboard as printed on the motherboard?

The other question you linked was for a Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H and your laptop is a Legion 5 17ACH6H and maybe it uses a different motherboard.

I don't know but to find out what the component is you want to be sure that you are looking at the correct schematics diagrams for the motherboard.

Your image is a bit small so what is the component designation of the capacitor as well?


@timothyparadis maybe our esteemed colleague @carloslope27326 who is the expert on our Spanish site, can assist you with finding a place in your area.


@timothyparadis tal vez nuestro estimado colega @carloslope27326 que es el experto en nuestro sitio en español pueda ayudarte a encontrar un lugar en tu área.


Sinento aportar malas noticias, pero en España dudo mucho que ningun servicio tecnico repararé ya a nivel sustitución componente electronico, los servicios tecnicos desde hace ya años, solo sustituyen modulos completos y si estos estan descatalogados o son dificiles de conseguir te indican que el equipo no tiene reparación. A lo mejor en alguna de las Ciudades grandes se encontrase algun servicio tecnico pero lo dicho lo dudo muchisimo.


@carloslope27326 anybody that you know that can do board repair in Spain? I only know of some good repairers in the UK and in France. Are the parts available if needed? Where can somebody purchase capacitors etc. as identified?


@carloslope27326 ¿conoces a alguien que pueda reparar tablas en España? Solo conozco algunos buenos reparadores en UK y en Francia. ¿Están las piezas disponibles si se necesitan? ¿Donde puede alguien comprar condensadores etc. como se identifican?


Lo siento no conozco a nadie, tal como he indicado los servicios tecnicos aqui ya no reparan a nivel componente y menos en una placa madde de PC que lleva multicapas en SMD


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@timothyparadis Here are the components that I assumed you were talking about :-)

Block Image

The statement about PQ3001 being a 30V N-Channel MOSFET in a DFN 3x3 EP package is still correct. The official part description for that is AONR32340C_DFN8-5

Now for the rest of your parts:

Reference designator PC3001 is a 0.1µF 25V 10% capacitor in a 0402 package

Reference designator PC3002 is a is a 10µF 25V 10% capacitor in a 0603 package

Reference designator PC3032 is a is a 10µF 25V 10% capacitor in a 0603 package

Let me know if I missed anything. Some things are getting hard to see with my old eyes.

Those parts are all relative easy to obtain. I am not sure what supplier of passive components you have in your area. I do know that Digikey.com and Mouser.Com (both are pretty costly) have a presence in Spain as well.

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Thanks, OldTurkey

I cannot find AONR32340C for sale.

What I can find is this. The relevant information appears to be the same. With a non-booting laptop, what are the chances I make thing worse by installing this MOSFET?


N-Channel 30 V 9.5A (Ta), 12A (Tc) 3.1W (Ta), 11W (Tc) Surface Mount 8-DFN-EP (3x3)

I can't tell if PC3002 is damaged or is just marked from the MOSFET burning. Do I run the risk of damaging anything if I replace the MOSFET and attempt to boot before replacing the capacitor?


@timothyparadis not finding the PQ3001 was the issue on the other question as well. looks like the 32320 has less amperage. 32340 is a 12A transistor. Here is the datasheet. If you can, see if you can match it up. If not I'll try Mouser and/or Digikey.


Those capacitors are really inexpensive, if in doubt, replace it :-)


@timothyparadis from the electrical specs a Vishay SiS412DN would work. The issue we are running into is the package size. Can you measure the MOSFET PQ3002 (width and length)?


I cannot see that PDF. I think this is also the datasheet. I'm not sure what I'm matching. The fried and disintegrated MOSFET on my laptop, or the listing on digikey/mouser? The 32320 MOSFET I found was digikey.



@oldturkey03 PQ3002 as best I can tell without callipers is 3x3mm


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Hi @timothyparadis

OK it is a NM-D562 HY572 board (supplier example only)

The easiest way to find out what components types are used is to get the schematics as all the motherboard components are shown with their model/type number next to their board designation number.

You will have to know how to read schematics to find it although once you have it you can use the Windows search function (Ctrl + f) to find it in the schematic. e.g. search for PQ3001 or R20 etc as the number is only used once.

Once you have the type information, search online using that information to find suppliers.

The downside is that I could only find schematics that you have to buy to download - see example above. I couldn't find any free downloads for it.

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@jayeff @timothyparadis here is the schematic BV and a Boardviewer. You need to setup the viewer first before trying to open a TVW



This link should now work


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