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Windows 10 is a major version of the Windows operating system. It was released in 2015.

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Will the Dell partitions carry over when cloned? *factory 10 install*

Block Image

Block Image

I realize 10 will be EOL in almost 1 year and some change and I'm sure someone will say I should stop pickinhg a fight to stay on 10. NO, I bought this machine with a bad SSD config because it had a factory license, and it could be upgraded.

At the time I got this laptop I had a few second thoughts about how long I will be waiting before I need to swap out the SSD for a 1TB drive; 2 big games did the job. I took the risk I will regret going 512GB for the coveted 10 license in 2021. Well, I need more SSD space. This one has the Dell OEM image on the drive since it came from Dell, but the partitioning is mostly "hidden" drive letter partitions for the recovery stuff (recovery partition, BIOS update backup holding etc).

When I buy a 1TB SSD and clone it will I have problems with it or am I looking at doing a backup and cloud recovery/bootable USB?

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Hi @nick

Cloning from one drive to another should copy everything off the drive, sector by sector whether it is hidden or not.

The cloned drive is an exact replica of the originating drive. Most commercial cloning software does this automatically

If you have doubts, can you install a 2nd drive in the laptop e.g. in caddy or M.2 slot?

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The G15 5511 has a 2nd slot. The irony is I can grab a G16 with 16GB/1TB SSD out of the box on clearance for $150 more vs the 512GB variant but it ships with the 11 license.

Maybe the play here is to get a drive with an Acronis license, put it in the 2nd M.2 slot, clone it and remove the original SSD.



Last time I bought an SSD, there was a link contained in the instructions that came with it, with a password to Acronis download to clone the drive.


@jayeff Ended up buying an enclosure with a Acronis license. I just need to find an SSD. I need to get the hestsink for the 2280 SSD but once I do I'm set.


SSD and heatsink acquired. Went to a 2280 1TB. I have a 2230 512GB right now.

Maybe once I no longer need the data intact I'll add it to slot 2 for 1.5TB of space.


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