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Repair guides and support for USB flash drives, also known as jump drives, USB sticks or thumb drives.

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My SanDisk Ultra only works when I aggressively push down the USB

My USB 3.0 64GB SanDisk Ultra is only recognised when it's tilted at a high angle downwards, I have alot of important things on my USB that I would like to get back. I have tried on different computers, different ports, and the same thing. Even if it does work when its tilted downwards, it just "unplugs" itself after a few seconds. Help please?

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Hi Romo,

Generally when something like that happens to me, it's been because of a damaged or loose connection between the USB jack and the little circuit board it's mounted on. If you're feeling brave, I would suggest you open up the flash drive in order to inspect the jack and printed circuit. That will probably mean splitting open the glued plastic case, which you may or may not be able to do non-destructively.

Once you have it open, look at where the USB port connects to the circuit board. The connections need to be secure against the traces on the board; if there's any movement whatsoever then the soldering has failed and needs to be redone. It's also possible the traces have broken and would need a bit more intensive repair, but there's no way of knowing without seeing pictures. I'd suggest opening it up and taking some high resolution pictures then adding them to your question and we'll see what we can do.

Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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Ok thankyou. I will try this method you suggested. Thankyou for your time!


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you probably worn out the usb connector, i had the same thing with a different drive not long ago i just played with the flash until it connected then held it where it did connect and copy all the files to a local drive then to a new drive

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Ok, thanks. But is there any way to fix this?


@romoaiman yes but its something i would do unless the drive is dead. i would recommend to try what jerry said becuse its an actual solution and not just play until its connected and hope for the best.


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