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Repair information for Giantex washing machines.

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Locating fuse in Costway washer EP24731US

Giantex/Costway washing machine model EP24731US stopped working recently after a tree hit a power line apparently causing a power surge (neighbour's lights burnt out) and the machine to stop working.

The diagram of the program control board mentions a single 10A fuse but I am not sure how to identify it.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Manual is paper-only and has no useful information on fuse location or otherwise on repairs.

Am hoping to locate the fuse, extract it and take it a hardware store to switch it out.

Any advice appreciated!


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@areiadodeserto can you find the Blue connector on the control board? Then follow the black line to see if you can locate the fuse. If you have it open,, post some good pictures of the control board etc. Maybe we can find something. Adding images to an existing question


@oldturkey03 thanks! just updated the post with pictures


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Hi @areiadodeserto

Follow the black wire as indicated in the image below to locate the fuse.

There may be a brown wire that connects to the black wire on the other side of the fuse i.e. black wire on one side, black and brown on the other.

Usually fuses have their ratings marked on them. The fuse is a 10A fuse most probably rated at 250V but the 10A rating is important

Block Image

(click on image)

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Thanks Jayeff!

Have followed the cable from either end (part leaving the control board, and part leaving what looks like some motor or sth at other end) and can't seem to find it.

Afraid of stripping cable housing on full length - you'd think the fuse was put somewhere accessible.

Does it happen alot that fuses are left out during assembly to cut corners despite info to the contrary - or is it more likely they just put it midway thru the cables in an inconvenient/inaccessible location?




Looking at the diagram you posted above the fuse is located somewhere between where the power cord (that plugs into the wall power outlet) is connected to in the machine to where the black and blue wires connect on the board as indicated by me

I'm wondering if the fuse may be located inside the box shown in the 2nd image you posted above if the power cord connects to it first

Unscrew the lid of the box and check.

Be safety aware make sure that the washer is disconnected from the wall power outlet first ;-)


Thanks @jayeff you were right!

Sadly the fuse was working

So am assuming the control board is dead...

And cannot see any replacement control boards for this machine on sale on ebay - so I guess this is the end!

Will look somehow for a better-repairable washer for the next purchase, that can work without specific washer hookups for renters in small units like us.

I wish ifixit had ratings for those not just phones, tablets and laptops!



Perhaps not the end.

How old is the washer?

Looking online there's a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on Costway appliances - see Costway guarantee.

If still within the warranty, go that route to get it repaired/replaced etc. Also don't disassemble it too much more and void the warranty ;-)

If it is no longer within the warranty period I can't make it out to well on the image you posted but check the components to the left of the power connection (blue/black wires) to the board.

One looks like an MOV (blue component) but I can't make out what the black ones are even their board designation would help to identify the type of component.

Do initial testing using an Ohmmeter without the power connected to the machine.

As for replacement boards check what is printed on the sticker on the other end of the board and check what is states e.g. board model number perhaps?? and maybe search for that rather than the machine make and model number (it's obscured in the image under the cable with the 2 yellow wires)


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