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Epson Wrokforce wf-7710 all in one printer. A3+ scanner printer.

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Vertical alignment very poor and seems impossible to fix

My wf-7710 has developed poor vertical alignment and the Epson procedure doesn’t seem to help. Indeed whatever I do seems to make things worse. The alignment page lines mostly show large white gaps in every position. I’m reluctant to dump it because everything else seems to work. What can I do?

Update (01/10/24)

Thanks for showing an interest. Here is an overall view of a printed page

Block Image

and a closer view

Block Image

an alignment page

Block Image

and a closer view

Block Image

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@epsonuser post an image of what a printed page looks like. that way we can see what you see and hopefully get you some idea on how to fix it. Adding images to an existing question


@nick take a look at this one. See if you have an idea


The pics are of your vertical alignment.

Row 1 is alignment 1 so you have to pick the best vertical alignment.

So your row 1 i would pick number 4.

Row two looks bad but you will have to analyze which one looks best and then repeat. You should be at all 4’s when done


I am having this exact problem right now in my WF-7720 and my alignment pages looks just like yours. My printer is using sublimation ink. My nozzle check shows some broken lines so I am using a syringe and tube to put hot cleaning solution through each colour to try and get rid of any blockage. It helped me get line #4 to have solid boxes (it used to have the gaps between the vertical lines). But since then, I can see no change between alignment boxes. I changed the re-fillable ink cartridges to new ones and topped up each cartridge with fresh ink. Still no change. I print lots of purge sheets and they come out with some streaks, so my plan is to continue with the hot cleaning solution over the next month. If no improvement, I am guessing my printer head is defective maybe. After the cleanings and when I get ink flowing again, I try doing many vertical alignments but I can't tell aside from line 1 and 4 that there is any difference. If I get any new improvement, I will update here.


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It seems that nobody knows how to fix this printer bug. So, with reluctance, I abandon my question.

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