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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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My brother printer doesnt have the WLAN option to connect to wifi

I have the Brother MFC-J5855DW printer, but it does not have a WLAN option in the settings. Please help.

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Hi @elizabethh79418,

Are you trying to setup the WLAN connection from the printer's control panel or a computer?


Thank you for your response. I am trying from the printer control panel. When I am on the printer, I press settings and then network. My only choices listed are tcp/ip, wired and Ethernet. WLAN isn’t listed at all. I contacted Brother and they had me do all kinds of resets to my router and printer. I don’t think he understood the issue. You can’t reset your network settings if you don’t have a network option.



Just verifying that there is NO Setting → Network → Network I/F option?

There are options in this setting to disable/enable the WLAN

I don't know if this will work but try printing the network configuration report and check what the "node" ID is i.e. BRN or BRW just to see if it shows a wireless node or not.

How old is the printer?


The printer was just unboxed about 4 weeks ago, My daughter brought it to me from her company. It had been sitting in their storage for about a year. The box had never been opened.

As for the settings, when I press Network I can see TCP/IP, Ethernet(auto), Wired status (inactive) Wired status and MAC address. I do not have any idea what that is. I have a Dell laptop.

When I went to print reports and clicked network configuration it asked if I wanted to start printing. When I clicked yes, the screen reset back to the main screen and nothing printed. I was able to print the windows test page, so I know the printer works.


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Hi @elizabethh79418

As there is no mention of any wireless options double check that it is an MFC-J5855DW as per the product info label on the printer.

This video shows what you should be seeing in the Network settings and it is confirmed by what this and this (click on WiFi setup) show in the user manual.

Last throw of the dice perhaps.

Try to update the firmware and see if that works. You may have to connect via Ethernet to do this.

If no good, hopefully it hasn't been a full year since purchase. If not, get it replaced under warranty as it it faulty as far as wireless capability goes.

If out of warranty, it may be faulty wireless card in the printer.

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It supports WiFi. D=Duplex, W=WiFi. But it also has Ethernet if the wireless is dead and it's OOW. It might be a situation it can only be done with WPS.



Fair enough, but does a dead WiFi card mean that then there are no WLAN options shown in Settings → Network?


@jayeff Not sure on this one, but there's a chance. I know when it dies on the HPs, they blue screen. Brother must disable the option to safely kick the printer down to Ethernet if this thing works and it's dead.



Guess we'll find out when the OP replies.



@jayeff Maybe Brother is truly sensible here. At least if it runs with a dead wireless card, the OP can just use Ethernet if the warranty is out.


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