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Seasonal Flower Crop Rotation

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I'll call this "garden flower repair".

Well it's spring time again and there seem to be very few Mac questions to answer so I'm off to my garden. I found, by accident, that if I plant Petunias and Marigolds in the same bed that the Marigolds die back till mid-August, the same time that the Petunias start fading. So I get a good looking bed till it freezes. What I would like to know is if there are other similar flower pairs, i.e. early bloomers and late bloomers that can be planted at the same time.

UPDATE 5/2/12 After i month of watering everyday

Power Flower Garden Flowers Replacement

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UPDATE 6/24/18

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I've added end of season photo.


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I daresay you that, as far as an empty garden may look barren, it's always wise, in rotation, keeping parts of soil covered with flowers and parts with just "english cropped grass". Is like with every other cultivation: earth enjoys a period of rest every now then.

However, you'd be amazed to know that what you found by accident, someone else found out by deliberate research ( http://www.ehow.com/info_8067329_can-pet... ), and actually the couple Petunias plus Marigolds is well known as a simple way to have a long lasting flower bed with an annual bloom, thus avoiding the strain of perennials.

However, here's a list of early bloomers:


However, Tulips come in many variety, late and early bloom. And can be easily "Layered" (that means, planted in the same bed) with no ill effect. However, this way you may seem to lose the variety you achieved with the couple Petunia and Marigold.

Also, daffodils are nice early bloomers, and they also look nice with the late blooming tulips and hyacints.

I personally dislike allium, and I must confess you I've never had a garden in ages, when I was much younger and spent the warm months in a nice vacation home with a simple english garden and a topiary, but I think you could also use this guide useful


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I'm very new to flower gardening. I only found the combo out because that's what they had in stock when I was ready to plant ;-)

Last year was Lubbock, Texas driest year on record and my yard burned up. It was only mowed twice all summer and really only needed it once. Now that I have a rebuilt heart (triple bypass in December) I actually feel like making things nicer. We have a limit of one evening a week to water the lawn but I think I'm OK with watering flowers. So I'm investigating more arid things to grow. I have to go back in the hospital in about two months for repair of an aortic aneurysm and a kidney cancer removal so I may lose everything unless I can get someone to come by an water some.


I do have one side of my house (that's farthest from my water outlet) that I have succulents and cacti planted. Most of these plants were gathered from the road side. These do very well as they are native, but tend to gather a lot of trash from the wind as it sticks on the thorns. The cacti only have flowers that last for one day, so I get about three days of yellow flowers a year.


Well, hopefully it'll help you relax and be better, you'd deserve it. Despite having no physical issues save for a really bad way to deal stress, I happen to know by anamnesis and firsthand experience that heart issues run in the family, thus I try, when overstressed, to lie down and do something nice. It works, I hope it'll works for you and make you better, my best wishes go to you.

Returning to your nice garden, watering a day every week is exactly what my grandma, with a better green thumb than everyone else in the family, used to do. And it did work.

Have you thought about rigging a rudimentary watering system? I may be overstepping your questions, but you could bury some watering hoses with tiny holes drilled in them, then having someone just twist a faucet open for enough time.

Back then, my neighbourhood used to water its garden this way, with a green, "armored" hose drilled and half-buried in the grass. Also, to give us kids the worst slushes I ever tasted: but back then, I didn't taste many.


About cacti: my granma used to grow small cacti: well, not that small. Tall roughly 60 cm, but as wide as my wrist, at most.

Sometimes she cut them in half and replanted the half somewhere else: I think the talea is a good way to get a nice topiary and... brushes work amazingly to keep cacti clean, when they gather too much trash.

Keep in mind they've got thorns for a reasons: cacti are plants. Thus their core temperature is still less than human one. Touching too much a cacti gives it the human equivalent of burns.


This is not small fuzzy cacti, it's the Opuntia Robusta: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opuntia_rob... which has large needles. To plant, you drop it on the ground. I have not tried eating the fruits

I also have Yucca: http://www.plant-biology.com/Yucca-soapw...


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