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A laser printer series by HP for home and office use. These printers often have problems with the formatter board.

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Print Have Not Clear

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your printer. There could be a number of reasons why your prints are turning out poorly. Have you checked to make sure that your ink or toner levels are sufficient? You may also want to try cleaning the print heads to see if that helps improve the quality of your prints. If the issue persists, it may be a good idea to contact the manufacturer for further assistance or consider taking it to a professional printer repair shop.

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It's usually one of 3 common reasons on these older HP lasers. Either a bad toner, bad fuser or laser issue where it is degraded or dirty.

First thing I always try when it's borderline is I'll replace the toner, even if it's reman; a lot of the time, it's some imaging component issue in the toner cart from age, but not always. Either way, these are cheap enough for old models (hint: I pay $25 for 2 80X compatibles for my M401).

If the issue remains with a new toner, do a "halfway test": do a test page and stop it mid-run to see if a bad fuser is introducing the issue. If it's perfect before you get to the fusing unit, the fuser is the culprit; it isn't getting hot enough to melt the toner due to the lamp wearing down. But be mindful of what you pay for the fuser and where you buy it. You want a used low PC fuser (dead formatter or it's on the way out, or someone who knows these parted it out because nobody who knows better tries to rehab the p2015) or a good rebuild. Don't put a junk fuser in these -- it will suck to replace a 2nd time!

If the issue is not with the fuser, take the laser apart and see if there is any degradation of the mirror assembly coatings or toner penetration from several years of use; if it builds up enough, it will kill your print quality. You can take the laser out similarly to the fuser; it's just in the top area and a sealed box you need to dismantle. Beyond the plastic panels, not much is needed to get to it.

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If the issue is still present with these checks, it is likely with something serious like the power supply. However, much like the laser, it's more to fix than the printer is worth, and it's arguably a much more awful repair to do even compared to the fuser.

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