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Обновленная версия iPhone 3G с более высокой скоростью обработки. Ремонт этого устройства схож с iPhone 3G, и требует простых отверток и инструментов для вскрытия. Модель A1303; 16 или 32 ГБ памяти; с Черной или Белой задней пластиковой крышкой.

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iPhone 3GS displays charging symbol but isnt accepting charge

My 3GS is syncing but not charging the replacement batteries. It displays the lightening bolt but the percentage of charge decreases as you would expect when on standby. This is both with the genuine wall charger and cable, in both a wall sockets and PC's.

I have had 3 batteries now (from 2 different suppliers) which I assume arent all duff. All are the 616-0435 battery (which is compatible for all 3GS models). When installed they all showed a decent charge, but then drained and wont charge up again.

With the phone able to sync (with battery power), I have reset the phone, restored the phone, gone into DFU mode and reinstalled the firmware/software from stock and old downloads (deleted out the old and re-downloaded). I have set the phone up as a new phone and restored from back up. None have resolved the problem.

Can it be possible my dock connector flex is faulty? Or is it likely a logic board issue?

Or is there another problem?

Many Thanks in Advance.

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Very good diagnosing! It seems that if you have replaced the battery several times and restored the firmware with still no luck, the issue probably lies with either the Dock Connector or the Logic Board (like you said).

Your next move (cheapest) would be to replace the dock connector, purchase part here.

If this does no work then you will have narrowed down the fault to the logic board. If this is the case then you will need to purchase a new iPhone as new logic boards are next to impossible to come by when sold separately. You can search for a 2nd hand logic board on eBay, however if you do this then make sure you have visual proof from the seller that it is completely functional.

Personally i would throw out the entire phone and upgrade to the 4S :P If you buy the iPhone on a 12/24 month plan, you can get the phone fairly cheaply without outright purchase.

Hope this helps!


iPhone 3GS Dock Connector Изображение


iPhone 3GS Dock Connector


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I have replaced the dock connector to find the same result; syncs with iTunes, connects with both USB and wall chargers to show battery 'plug' fully charged icon-but won't take charge and drains at a normal rate until it dies. The battery starts off at 4.2V and drains to about 2.9V.

I have tested the continuity on the logic board, to find the fuses are ok (No Power, No Charging, No iTunes).

Any other ideas please??


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No, all replacement batteries are crappy and last you little time. You'll spend more on replacement batteries than just taking it to apple to replace.

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