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Repair guides and support for the second-generation Ford Probe, a front-wheel-drive sports coupe designed in partnership with Mazda.

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No oil in oil filter?

So we had to change the oil pan gasket on our 1995 Ford Probe SE. Piece of cake. New oil, new filter. Oil leaking from oil pressure switch so we had to remove the oil filter to get to the switch.

When we removed the oil filter there was no oil in the filter. And we had just driven 22 miles. So I'm confused. This isn't the first time I worked on a car. The oil pick up tube in the pan was clean as as a bell. Any ideas?

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I'm just curious. What do you mean by no oil in the filter? Is is bone dry without any trace of any oil in there? Or is there some oil, only it's not filled up completely? If it's the latter, maybe your filter doesn't have the anti-drain back feature, especially if it's an offbeat cheapie make?


Thank you Bernie and HemiBill for responding. What we ended up doing is. Changed the oil pressure switch, because it was leaking, and replaced the new oil filter with a new one. Then we had oil in the filter. I'm guessing a bad oil filter. That's a first for me.


oil filters can rust pretty bad inside themselves. its bad even before you buy them if they stay in storage or on the shelves too long they will rust inside from the moisture in the air, yes even with the ones wrapped in plastic.


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Bernie might be on to something here with the possible problem being the oil filter itself. Can you replace the oil pressure sending unit with a manual oil pressure gauge and verify that the oil pump is working? The pressure should come up to spec within a few seconds. (If not, shut the engine off).


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