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Вот некоторые основные инструменты, используемые для работы на данном устройстве. Вам, возможно, не понадобиться каждый инструмент для каждой процедуры.

Installation Guides


Track down a number of hardware problems using the Webcam Pro 9000 Troubleshooting guide.

Identification and Background

The Webcam Pro 9000 is designed by Carl Zeiss and has a 2MP camera. On the circle around the lens, it also says Tessar 2.0/3.7.

The Webcam Pro 9000 has a 2.0 USB connector and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. To identify this product, there is a tag attached to the USB cord with the model number and part number.

There is known confusion with this device and its name and model number. The model numbers V-U0009 and V-UBM46 are interchangeable as well as the names Webcam and QuickCam. There is no difference, except age, between the devices.

Additional Information

Webcam Pro 9000 Drivers

Webcam Pro 9000 Manual

Webcam Pro 9000 Technical Specifications

Soldering Guide

Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 on Amazon

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