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Samsung DVD-P230 Troubleshooting

DVD player will not turn on.

Check to make sure your DVD player is plugged into a working outlet. Sometimes outlets can blow fuses or be linked to a switch that is turned off, so check to make sure the outlet is properly supplying power.

If the power button is not depressing, it may need to be replaced. If the key in question is the power button on the DVD player, try using the remote control to turn on the DVD player. If the remote power button is stuck, try the power button on the DVD player. If one of the buttons works while the other doesn’t you most likely have a problem with the broken button.

How to check or clean Samsung DVD-P230 buttons

If the DVD player is plugged in and the power button depresses but the DVD player will not turn on, the plug may need to be replaced.

Samsung DVD-P230 Power Cord Replacement

When the DVD player is on and a disc is inserted, the DVD player does not recognize a readable disc.

The problem may not be the DVD player. Try using a different disc. If after several attempts to get the DVD player to read different disks and you still cannot get it to work then there is a different issue.

The problem with your DVD player might be that dust has accumulated inside the player and is covering the laser that reads the DVD discs. If you have a relatively new DVD player this is less likely to be the issue. However, it is worth checking by opening up to the inside of the device and cleaning the lens.

Cleaning Samsung DVD-P230 Laser Lens

The DVD player may not be able to be read the the disk if the laser that scans it is broken. If this is the case then the laser will need to be replaced.

Removing Samsung DVD-P230 Motherboard

When prompted the DVD player cannot open or close the tray.

First, make sure the DVD player is plugged in and on.

If the open button on the device will not depress, you may have a broken button. Try using the remote to open the tray by pressing the “Open” button.

When prompted to open, the DVD player makes a whinny noise and tries to open the tray, but will not. This could mean something is blocking the tray from opening. Check to make sure there is nothing placed in front of the DVD player that could block the tray from opening. You might also need to open up the device and see if the blockage is internal.

If the machine is told to open the tray and still nothing happens, the tray motor could be broken. Check here to see how to replace the motor.

Samsung DVD-P230 Tray Motor Replacement

When the DVD player is on and the disc inside is running my television does not show a picture.

The AVI cables need to be plugged into the correct jacks which corresponds to a TV input. Turn your DVD player on and cycle through the different inputs on your TV until you find the input that displays your DVD player menu.

The problem might not be with the DVD player but rather with the AVI cables. Try using different AVI cables that are compatible with the DVD player before taking apart the device. The AVI cables also utilize the audio aspect of the DVD player, so if there is sound playing but no video, then the video portion of the AVI cable needs to be replaced.

If different AVI cables have been used and there are still no results then there may be a problem with the output jacks on the DVD player. If this is the case, then the output jacks need to be replaced.

“The LCD screen on the DVD player is blank and shows no information when the DVD player is on.”

If the DVD player is on, but the LCD screen is blank, it needs to be replaced.

Samsung DVD-P230 LCD Screen Replacement

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dvd shows OFF and nothing will work. HDM1 shows no signal. it started to work and then stopped, since then NOTHING

Doreen Bruton - Ответить

dvd was working and stopped. cannot turn it on or remove disc. hdm1 says no signal every thing checks out but still wont play.

Doreen Bruton - Ответить

Dvd play then stops after a minute..screen monitor shows anytime+disconnet

Jhoan - Ответить

Initial settings/on-screen language. No remote

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