Motorola i850 Troubleshooting

The i850 is equipped with a VGA camera, camera flash, "MOTOTalk" off-network walkie-talkie communication, and two LCD displays.

Both LCD's remain black when attempting to power the i850 on.

The battery may have shifted during use. This is uncommon, but it is best to try the simplest solutions first.Remove battery and place battery back inside phone immediately.

If the battery is not charged, the i850 will not turn on. Charge the phone by using the Motorola i850 Wall Charger. If you lost your wall charger, you may purchase a new one.

Both LCD's rarely will stop functioning at the same time, but if this is the case, replace the front LCD as well as the back LCD.

If the battery does not turn on after fully charging the phone, purchase a new battery and replace the old one.

Case is cracked or shattered.

If your case is shattered it may affect the performance of your phone. It could be harmful to have the electronic components of your device exposed. Buy the replacement case and replace the case on your i850.

SIM card broke, malfunctioned causing loss of data, or was lost.

Purchase a new SIM card and replace the SIM card in your i850.

Keypad is broken or stuck.

If your keypad is broken then you will not be able to enter numbers, text, or symbols into your phone. Buy the replacement keypad and replace the keypad on your i850.

Phone calls are hard to understand or cannot be heard at all

If you can not hear calls, the volume of the phone may be too low. Increase the volume of the phone using the volume rocker on the side of the phone.

If adjusting the volume does not help, the earpiece in your i850 may have broken. Buy a replacement earpiece and replace the earpiece in the phone.

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