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Why a herringbone image on screen

After several years of fine service my iMac G5 17" A 1144

suddenly makes a pattern like a herringbone on the screen.

The computer works fine and files are duplicated to othe computers with no errors. The herringbone pattern is slightly rosy, and makes judgement og colours next to impossible.

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Do you see the pattern and colours when you first start up the computer too, or just while you are in OSX. If you see it all the time, then it sounds like your iMac could be part of a large number of the G5 iMacs that have fallen prone to graphics card failures. These models are notoriously know for having issues with either their capacitors or their video cards. If the issue lies with you graphics card, then the only way to fix it is to replace the logic board. Some people have had success with doing what they call a re-flow of the graphics card, but I would only suggest this is you feel comfortable with taking your mac apart, and at the same time have nothing else to loose. I had 3 of the original G5 iMacs in my household and they have all fallen to graphics card failures. You can probably find a lightly used logic board on eBay if you are really wanting to salvage this mac, most of these older parts are cheap of you look in the right places.

Hope this Helps

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Hi Owen,

Thanks for your reply.

Herringbone there all the time !

Looking like a logic card failure.

Heading for a disaster, as my Power PC G5 is running 10.4.11, the only version accepting my beloved QE passport 6.1 and my costly Nikon Scan with Scan 4 program.

MUST have it repaired, even at high cost.

Will Apple do it ?? (spares out ?) -or do I have to tackle the issue myself ?

Personally I have taken apart a MacBook earlier and not really afraid.

Your advice is MOST welcome

Hans, Copenhagen, Denmark


If you can tell me the iMac's model number, then I cant point out a place where you can get a cheap, lightly used logic board, maybe even new, but it will be something to keep the computer running for longer.


Hi Owen,

Sorry for the delay. Had to go to Zurich on business, but back again to the nagging problem of herringbones. I have studied the incident a little closer. Actually the background of the screen seems to be quite normal , but all icons have the same herringbone structure. As soon as I open an image (photo) the whole photo is fllled with this herringbone effect, and simultanously adding an unwanted hue to the photo.

Apple will not help me. They say the spares for a repair are not available. A small domestic repair-shop will take in my iMac , but I doubt they know what they are doing, (at close to 750 $.)

On eBay I have noticed and read about bulging or even leaking capacitors on the board, I also see offers of groups of capacitors, and even quite a number of different logic boards for sale ( all with different part numbers). There is even a Youtube explanation of how to replace the capacitors.

On iFixit I have seen the steps needed to get into the innards of the monster, which does not seem too difficult – and yet difficult enough – for my taste. But I'm ready for everything now.

The information you ask for goes like this:

17" iMac: MA 063DK/A ( DK because it has a danish keyboard)

Model A1140

serial no W85510XWTAQ ( inside the affected production group) Arghhh

Looking for good new with greatest of interest, and thanks for your efforts



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Connect to an external monitor. If you see the same thing on it, you have a video card/logic board issue. If you don't (display is normal) you have an internal display chain: LCD or Cable problem)

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