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Can I still get parts for this iMac?

it's my first mac that i every bought and i would really like it to be working again when you turn it on it chimes the screen comes on but the screen stays white nothing shows up on the screen i took it to an apple store to check it out but they say they can't get parts for it they also say it could be the hard drive but i dont want to get rid of it so are there parts for it still ?

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Apple only makes parts for 5 years for these computers. After 5 years, they no longer support the hardware. You're going to have to look for known good used parts to fix this up.

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It wouldn't be the hard drive, it would still start up if the hard drive was bad (You would see a blue screen with a folder in the center) but it might be the display, or just a dislodged cable, try buying a $10 mini-VGA to VGA adaptor, and conneting it to a monitor before replacing any parts.

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