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Touch Screen not working proprely

After replacing my broken touch screen and display I noticed that the touch screen isn't responding correctly to my actions. For instance the back, home and minimize buttons don't respond or when typing a message it presses random letters. Do have any ideia why? Is it a defectuous touch screen or some other hardware danificated?

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It is good practice to clean the connector of the touchscreen's ribbon cable with rubbing alcohol. If you reinsert it correctly and it still doesn't work, sadly there really is not much you can do, than to call the vendor of this part for warranty.

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Hey ashley95agp, I believe that the new display isn't working properly due to the fact of how you didn't state anything about the old display doing the same thing. To actually confirm that it is faulty, I'd recommend that you redo the installation. If the problem still persists afterwards, this will confirm that the new display is faulty and that you need another one.

-Let me know how it goes.

-Please accept this as the answer if it answers the question.

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