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The iRobot Roomba 560, an automated vacuum cleaner, was released in 2009.

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ERROR 10 - without a good reason

I am hoping one of you techno geeks (like me) may be able to help me with solve a Roomba ERROR issue.

I mod Rooba 560/650s to act as a powerful UVC sterilization robot.

I pull all the motors, blowers and brushes and replace it with a custom UVC bulb.

If its bacteria or Viruses . . . .we kill it. (after two passes)

Overall - it works great . . .

[b]PROBLEM: we are getting ERROR 10's when we try to run it in a larger open area - say 20 X 20.

IT is definitely NOT a wheel issue or jam as the code would indicate.

This is some other issue that stops the robot in its tracks and ERROR 10's.

I am thinking it just gets to far from its base OR it went to far without seeing a wall or obstruction. I am trying NOT to add a virtual wall or obstructions to make the robot happy. Perhaps there is a small circuit I can add to make it think it has seen a wall or obstruction?

Can anyone help me figure out why my Roombas (Germbots) error out like this.

More - over - I am willing to give a $500.00 finders fee to anyone who comes up with a solution for me. (for real)

Bruce Winkler



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Gives that error when the wheel is somehow stuck and also (like in your case) when trying to clean a big room. When the room is to big for the Roomba to sense obstacle or walls you need to use your virtual walls in order to shrink (virtually) the Roomba "room size".. this will fix your issue.

Let me know if it works for you.


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I have this problem to

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