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The wi-fi only version of Apple's iPad Air, model number A1474. Available in Space Gray or Silver, it packs the custom A7 processor and ships in 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB configurations.

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Black screen with fuzzy lines

iPad won't turn on. If pushed u get some fuzzy lines then just a black screen, and it won't reboot holding both buttons down.

Has anyone any ideas ???

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Hi Mark

Thanks for the tips, but no luck. You can just see the time though the very colourful lines. Carnt get it to vibrate. And sometimes it has black corners. Might have to drop it in to the fixers.

Thanks for you help.


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Have you possibly dropped it recently or has it had any repairs? It sounds like it is coming on so you might want to put it on a charger and see if the following helps. Turn it on and try flipping the mute/vibrate switch to see if it vibrates. If it does that means it is on but there is a screen issue. Something else to try is plugging it into iTunes to see if your computer recognizes it, if so again it is on but the display has gone out. It sounds like the LCD has gone out or a connector has come loose from a drop. The only other idea that may help is to try turn it on, take a flashlight and shine at an angle and look to see if you see the apple logo or the normal home screen. If its already on then hit the home button while looking. If you do see the normal screen with a flashlight then it may be a logic board repair and that is not for your normal everyday person. It requires micro soldering. Let me know what you find, all of those steps should only take a few minutes. Hope this helps!

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I'm having the same issue after a digitizer replacement. Black with grey fuzzy lines going up the middle of the screen. worked fine with the cracked glass before taking it apart. double checked the lcd connector seems fine and seated correctly. I haven't glued my glass down yet cause it wasnt working but if i put a little bit of pressure on the lcd the bottom half will turn to normal and then slowly fade back to the black with fuzzy lines. Did my lcd suddenly go out?


Patrick due to the fact that it comes back with pressure at the bottom it sounds like the LCD connector may be loose or you may have damaged the LCD cable. You said you checked the LCD connector, I would check it again pushed down and see if you hear a faint pop, that typically lets you know its fully seated. If it is seated and you have a good magnifying glass it would be a good idea to carefully remove the LCD connector and check it for damage including the cable itself. If you see damage to the LCD end then yes you would need a new LCD. If you see damage to the connector on the logic board that would be a different story. If the logic board is damaged then its what we call a board level repair that would need to be done by a qualified repair shop. What type of iPad is it?


Sorry for late reply. Major disappointed with the lcd failure. i dont have a magnifying glass. A little more info about the problem, the connector seems like its seated. i was checking the lcd with it not screwed down to the frame with the pressure so i wasnt pushing directly on top of the connector. It kind of reminds me of a lcd panel going out on a tv. when u apply pressure the black lines fade away or the picture goes back to normal. ( had a samsung tv that had a bad lcd panel and pressure seemed to make it work.) I had previously replaced the digitizer with a cheap one from amazon and it only lasted 30 days before the digitizer crapped out. Everything was still ok with the lcd just bad digitizer. Replaced with the ifixit digitizer and ran into the lcd problems.


So when you press on the connector the LCD changes and goes back to normal? If so it sounds like either the LCD flex cable or the connector on the motherboard is damaged, maybe a bent pin or short in the flex cable. What type of iPad is it?


Not the connector but the actual lcd panel around the edges. It is an ipad air 1st gen


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