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The Kia Optima is a mid-size car produced by Kia Motors beginning in 2000 and marketed globally with various names. Firsts-generation cars (2001-2005) were generally sold as the Optima, though the name Kia Magentis was used in Europe and Canada when sales in those regions began in 2002.

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How do you add antifreeze?

How do you add antifreeze? I have a 2004 Kia Optima and it has been leaking the past couple of times I've driven it. Does anyone have any idea what may be happening?

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Put it up on a rack and look for the leak. Any other answer is purely speculation.

Just before you put it up, loosen the radiator cap if it is not to hot, to allow it to leak better.

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Antifreeze comes in two forms: concentrated and pre-mixed. I recommend getting a jug of pre-mixed to top off your coolant otherwise you'll need to measure and mix with water which is a pain when you only need a little.

You can buy an additive to your coolant to seal some of the smaller leaks in the radiator but as @mayer stated you need to first find the leak/s to see if you have a hose or pump issue which will need repairs and a rotted radiator needs replacement.


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