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The next-generation 2007 Santa Fe debuted at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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How to replace radiator

how fixed water tank

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what year is the santa fe


A 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe, have radiator leak, replaced top hose already, still leaking. Can't find a Youtube video for 2012 Santa Fe.


Just to know how to repaired


How to fix or replace radiator


@Martin Caine

What is the year model of the vehicle?

What's wrong with the radiator?


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Here's a video on how to do it:


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While this video is pretty decent, it's for the 2006 model which has some significant differences. I'll have to verify on a 2009, but IIRC the top core support on the 2007 and later doesn't just pop off with 4 screws as shown here.


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@lilirishpol ,

Did you check for any coolant stains around the base or seams of the radiator or around the radiator neck etc?

If around the base of the radiator you may have a leaking radiator core or if on the neck of the radiator, a faulty radiator cap.

Get the cooling system pressure tested to see if the leaks show up.

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