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S7 active lcd connector

My screen is broken and cannot be unlocked to retrieve data. I have exhausted all other potential options. I do not care if the screen is a permanent fix all I want is an affordable option to use a compatible screen that can access data then wipe and recycle phone, even if it can only work by using a flex cable. I need to know if there are any lcd/digitizers from other models that use the same plug as the s7 active. If so would the s7 active recognize the input from touch and also the lcd to display for the part that has the same connector? Thank you for your time.

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if you dont want to shell out for a new screen you can buy a used phone off ebay with a working lcd that has other issues for about half the price of a new screen Just a thought Hope this helps

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The screens shatter upon removal. The s7 active has a few glued on studs that make it so sensitive that it isnt worth the investment. The screens for s7 active tough to find and are 250$ other screens can be found for less than $150


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