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Touch Screen Not Responding

Hi Guys, I have a friend’s 6s Plus that has had a screen replacement and is now not responding to touch. The iPhone was initially repaired at a local phone shop, although it only cost my friend £60 and therefore I assume that it was either a cheaper aftermarket screen or it was not a full replacement. However, after a while, it either stopped responding to touch and was then cracked again or the other way around (my friend is unsure). The phone shop will not repair it for free and are saying that it will cost about £100? Hence why I have the phone. Furthermore, somebody else has taken this phone apart since it stopped working and then it worked for a few days… Is it just a case of replacing with an OEM part or is this a board issue? I have read that it may just be a flex cable or the damage to the screen has caused it to not respond to touch but I am worried that it may be the connectors on the board being damaged…

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Firstly thanks for your answers! I thought I’d post a little update... I have disassembled the phone and taken a look inside (worryingly some of the screws were waaaay too tight and 2 even missing (one pentalobe and one 1.3mm on the flex cable cover))

Firstly, the digitizer cable came up without me even touching it (I disconnected the front camera cable and the digitizer came with it...) and also doesn't have that black foam cover on it so it was just bare metal! All seems to be good visually (although I don’t have a microscope)

I reconnected everything and still the same problem, no response from the touch screen... It is cracked so will need a replacement at some point anyway, I take it that’s my next step?


Yes, I believe so. Though long screw damage is possible from what you described, or pry damage... a new lcd will help eliminate it as the issue


Good point michael, I should have checked to see whether the screw lengths lined up! I know that the phone worked initially after the repair and then also when my “friend’s friend” opened it and put it back together it worked again... does that sound like the screws could have caused that?? I shall order a new lcd! (Unless I can test with my 6s (not plus) screen??)


Nope, not with 6s... but if you have a shop close, most carry broken lcds that they changed that work. You could always stop by 1, ask if you could just use 1 for a 15 sec test to see if a screen change would help.


I have ordered a replacement screen assembly and shall try that. Will update in a few days with results! (Have also ordered replacement screws as I can't bring myself to leave the phone in that state!)


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@douglasvinicio is mostly correct … Change the LCD. The IC responsible for touch is on the LCD Flex and not the logic board like the Iphone 6 and 6 plus.

If the screen got cracked, then most likely even a bad digitizer.

I also do not warranty my LCD’s after a break or water damage. I warranty my LCD’s for a lifetime provided they are not broken or obvious water damage.

It is possible that the FPC Connectors are damaged, but from what you described, a new LCD will fix this issue and is needed next to continue your troubleshooting

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Thanks for your reply, okay that’s interesting! I didn’t know that! So new screen is my next step?


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Before taking any conclusions you must disassembly the screen and take a look what it looks like on the inside.

1 - Check if the flex cable is still conected.

2- If it is conected try a new screen or a old one that you are sure that is working.

3- If doens’t work check for dammaged conector or components (capacitors,diode,etc) around the touch screen conector.

4-If everthings ok maybe you’re facing a Touch iC issue. Then you need someone with the skills and the tools to do the job.

Answering your question about OEM parts,i can only tell you about my experience. I neved had any problems working with not original iPhone parts,I installed many iPhone 6s screens not original ones most part and never had this kind of problem caused by a bad part so i thinks is unlekely.

And if the repair shop charged you 100$ without aven disassemble the phone and had done a complete diagnosis i would say find yourself another professional to take care of your phone.

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Hi, thanks for the reply! I have posted a comment on the main question! The cable was still connected although the digitizer cable came up way too easily... I cannot try another screen until I order one as I only have a 6s not a 6s plus screen (I guess they arent interchangeable)

Should a new screen be my next step?


Yes,i would take that as my next step for sure. Let us know as soon as you had tested a new screen. Good luck friend!


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