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1.4GHz or 1.6GHz Processor, 64GB or 128GB SSD.

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MacBook will not charge.

I have tried a new charger, but it’s the same. Sometimes I get a solid Orange light, sometimes green. It stays on 0 percent, and doesn’t move.

When I look at the battery statistics it says that the capacity is 5246 and 627 cycles.

Any ideas?

Update (12/19/2018)

Block Image

The light is now green but still no charge. Its solid green.

UPDATE (07/19)

Sorry to resurect this but I’ve only just got around to a new I/O Board attempt.

Was strange as before it was always on 0 - 1 percent and not charging, replaced the I/O board and now its on 20 odd percent, still not charging, and battery is being used but going down.

Block Image

Any other ideas as I’ve tried a new I/O Board and 2 new batteries now.


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Lets take a deep look here run this gem of an app CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the main window with the MagSafe charger connected and a second snapshot with it removed. Paste them here for us to see Adding images to an existing question


try a different dc in board


What’s that involve, is it doable myself?


the i/o board guide that trevor posted


Did you have a liquid spill at some point? I'm thinking the charging logic within the logic board is damaged.


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