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HP Compaq Business laptop released in 2004. This model shares many resemblances to previously released Compaq models. All laptops use a Pentium M processor (32-bit only) but speed varies based on your specific configuration.

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How read/write heavy is Windows XP?

*If this is too software esque, feel free to delete it. I won’t hold any ill will against the party who does it.*

I have an HP nc6000 here and it needs a new hard drive (I have a 2009 WD IDE installed, but it clicks a lot as if it’s persistently recalibrating from being dropped with the notebook it came from). I can TRY and source a NOS 120GB+ IDE hard drive, but that isn’t going to be easy. I need better options and I have a few

  • 128GB IDE SSD (More expensive then I’d like, but knowing what I’m dealing with it’s worth considering)
  • CF->IDE (Card lifetime concerns once you go past DOS/Win9x)
  • mSATA->IDE with 128GB SSD (Possibly error prone? That said, I can get the drives with no hassle and reuse it easily)

That basically breaks the drive situation down today for these legacy notebooks. I’m probably not going to find a NOS IDE drive so I need to get creative. I’ll have to figure it out, but that will be determined by how read/write heavy XP is.

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Hi @nick ,

Not quite sure but perhaps monitoring virtual memory (swap file) may give an indication

Here's a link that may help. Scroll down to monitoring RAM and virtual memory

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@jayeff this notebook only takes 2GB of RAM at the most due to the chipset (Intel 855PM); it isn't one of those underrated ones that will take more.

When I built them from scrap, I took the RAM from ones I had no plans to repair due to cost and then put 1GB in the ones I wanted to keep. I ended up with 4 1GB builds and 1 512MB build. I have no plans to purchase RAM unless I need to. This is a laptop I use for games that aren't Vista/7 friendly so while I can take chances there's a practical limit.


Hi @nick ,

I didn't mean for it to take more RAM. I only meant that you could monitor how often the HDD is accessed (swap file activity) to see what it is like as far as HDD usage is concerned.

Merry Christmas ;-)


I think I found a way to do it in terms of settings to avoid redundant tracking, but I need to run the worst case scenario where it may happen. Since I'm running it with 1GB of RAM, it'll probably be minimal. I mentioned the memory so you know how much physical memory I have to work with.

2GB will help bring it down a little if I need it, but if I remember correctly you're pretty much set with 1GB.


@jayeff I think I'm just going with mSATA->IDE to avoid the lifetime concerns. While XP isn't demanding, there's a lot of reading/write cycles introduced by modern applications.

It's a little more expensive than a CF card, but it isn't going to be cheap to get the capacity I need either way. As such, I may as well use mSATA. Apparently, this laptop is a really good fit since it's pre-i915 and you aren't doing SATA->IDE->SATA because of the bridge chipset those use.

Apparently M.2 SATA adapters exist too if I find those are cheaper or more common.


Hi @nick ,

You definitely know more about it than me but just curious about the possible effect of a lot of write cycles, more than average due to lack of RAM. on an SSD, which I presume you're going to install.

Doesn't that reduce their lifespan, or is it negligible in the context of what you want to achieve?


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