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Hello and good afternoon,

i am learning board level repairs and micro soldering. I’ve just replaced an iPod touch 6th gen charge port because it wouldn’t charge or turn on. Anyways, I soldered it on and it’s still not charging or turning on.

I measured pin 10 bottom row of a good working iPod and it’s measuring 1.7volts charging. I measure pin 10 on this iPod and it reads 0. However, if I measure the pin at the end of the bottom row, I’m getting 4.7 volts..

does anyone one have a schematic for the charging dock on the touch 6th gen and what else I should do to solve why it’s not charging or turning on. I also replaced the battery 3 times and still nothing …

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Uve jumped straight to the charging without working on the turning on lol try to get it on first, try a DC power supply to test if it will power on.


Your comment makes no sense.... and yes I’ve tried getting it to turn on... however, I believe it’s u2 ic related . I looked at the old port and the middle pin was missing so that is why I tried changing the port


If it is a charging ic problem it will still power on using a DC power supply. I would agree with c9679, try to get it to power on before replacing the ic. Powering it with a DC power supply will help to determine if your looking for a short or simply replacing the charging ic.


I have one that has this wxact problem. Is this like a common issue with the ipod 6th gens?


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