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Should/Can I save it?

Hi all! I have an old G4 Laptop (PowerMAC)that I had the hard drive replaced on in 2014. Unfortunately, when I got it back the moment I turned it on, I actually saw smoke and it went off never to come on again. I put it in the closet where it remained until this morning. The problem I have is that it seems a shame to destroy it but I can’t repair the HD myself and I don’t know if I can find someone else to do it. if I give it away to someone, I am worried that my personal information could be retrieved by some computer savvy person. Even fours years ago when it happened it was hard to find a HD for it. I would love your thoughts on whether it might be worth saving for someone or some reason, whether someone can steal the data on it if I give it away or sell it, or whether it might be best to destroy it-which would be really hard as it is still beautiful?

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Sad to say it’s time has passed!

It was a great system in its day but today apps won’t run on it and the hardware is like a Ford model T! We have moved so fast todays CPU’s are lightyears from what we had back then. In its day it was one of the fastest laptops!

Time for the recycle bin - Sorry

To protect your self and the information on the hard drive take the drive out and go crazy with a hammer to it. Breaking the platters and heads inside.

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