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Apple announced the Retina MacBook 2015, model A1534, on March 9, 2015 to launch on April 10. It has a new unibody construction and includes an updated trackpad, keyboard, and Retina display.

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Leftover part from USB-C fixing - bracket?

Hi, I replaced the USB-C port successfully on Retina MacBook 2015.

Around step 25-30 I noticed a small part loose on the tray that looks like this:

Block Image

Anybody know what part it is? Cannot find it anywhere in the guide.

The guide used was:

Retina MacBook 2015 USB-C Port Replacement

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I believe this is a component that is used to hold down a cable connected to a port on the display assembly board. Look at the picture from Step 28 in this guide. Additionally here is an edited picture with where I think that part may have come from.

Block Image

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I agree, the right clip is the one!


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Thanks, could be and probably is from there! Looking at step 11, at least in this guide there seems to be no bracket at that position and the cable hangs loose at this assembly.

Could be below the main rail? I’m just wondering should I open the MacBook again. I guess that’s the only way to find out.

Step 11 image:

Block Image

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