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This is a device page for a Cuisinart CPT-140BK electrical toaster. The Cuisinart CPT-140BK has 9-setting LED browning dials, a LED bagel option, defrost and reheat touch-pad controls, and a slide-out crumb tray.

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Four slicer failed mid cycle both sides loaded

What component failed to konk out both sides simultaneously Mid cycle?

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Hi @beaualta ,

Could be any one of several components, thermostat, fuse, switches etc. Anywhere where the power goes through to get to all of the heater elements

Check the control board for any obvious damage i.e. burnt out or heat stressed components etc.

Here’s the ifixit Cuisinart CPT-140BK Circuit Board Replacement guide that should help.

If you spot any damage or even if not, post some close up images back here of the component side of the circuit board. Here’s how to do this Adding images to an existing question

iFixit Изображение


Adding images to an existing question


Очень просто

2 - 5 minutes

Cuisinart CPT-140BK Circuit Board Изображение


Cuisinart CPT-140BK Circuit Board Replacement



20 minutes

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I’m actually dug into a DeLonghi but think the issue could be universal to any brand. Thanks for the assistance


Hi @beaualta

If the toaster is a DeLonghi then perhaps this ifixit DeLonghi toaster guide may help. I realize that it is only a 2 slice toaster but there may be some similarities



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