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Announced September 9th, 2014, this device is Apple's first foray into smart wearables. iFixit's repair manuals are applicable to Apple Watch (steel) and Apple Watch Sport (aluminum).

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How to factory reset an Apple Watch 7000 without passcode

Hi community,

I recently bought an Apple Watch 7000 with a broken screen off ebay and managed to get it working again, but I found out that the watch is locked with a passcode.

I’ve tried the method illustrated at Restore Apple Watch to Factory Settings (Without Passcode), but no matter where I press on the screen after holding the power button, no erase content and settings screen comes on.

Is there something that I’m doing wrong, or maybe something different I could do?

Kind Regards,

Carpe Diem

Edit: I’ve added some images of the backside of the watch

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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You'll need to first figure out which model you have. The 'Apple Watch 7000' is not the model ID the 7000 is the version of aluminum the case is made with!

Review this Apple T/N to ID your watch Identify your Apple Watch Clearly you'll need to use the pictures as you can't get to the watches info.


@danj Thanks for the quick reply. I've added some photos and I do believe it is a series 1.


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If you check online you’ll see watches which are locked and sold for parts only. I hope you were not scammed.

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