The HTC Desire HD is an Android smartphone by HTC Corporation.

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How to replace HTC Desire HD glass

My HTC desire HD glass is broken and I want to repair it myself, Ifound the repair tools and a new glass. I also found this disassembling video but I don't know if it works after re-assembling


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Not quite sure what you are asking:-)? If you have the parts, the tools and instructions, the only way to find out if that will work, is by doing it. The video is the manufacturers video to their tech's, don't think you can do any better than that....:-) Good Luck.


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Well, considering the comments and vote, it does.

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I, I've the same problem and I see the video ( But at the end of the video don't explane how to separate the glass from the touch :-((((

Have you any idea?



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