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Следующей моделью в линейке после iPhone XS, выпущенной 20 сентября 2019 года, стал iPhone 11 Pro. Он получил 5,8-дюймовый OLED-дисплей, тройную основную камеру и увеличенное время автономной работы.

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My phone shows restore

Dear sir, when I turn on shows logo after that restore screen. I tried many ways through iTunes 3utools but I can’t restore could you please suggest is it software problem or hardware

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Honestly, you are going to want to use iTunes to restore the iPhone since the restore screen keeps popping up.

If you have a Mac, make sure that you've installed the latest software updates (including iTunes if you have MacOS Mojave or earlier). Or on your Windows PC, make sure that you've installed the latest version of iTunes.

Now if you turn on your iPhone, and plug in the phone to the computer, with iTunes open, you'll see something that says: "There's a problem with the [your device name] that requires it to be updated or restored." Make sure you click on "Update" and wait for iTunes to finish.

If you're having trouble updating, take a look at this: iOS update and restore errors

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