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How do I fix the error code "2101-0001"

Hello everyone!

So, my Switch stopped taking any charge whatsoever and would not turn on. So, I replaced the battery. Now the Switch comes on, displays the "Nintendo" Logo, and then goes to an error screen. The code I'm getting is 2101-0001. Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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My switch will turn on and shows the error code 2101-0001. It won't go away, I've cleaned the charging port, and put a different charger cable in it and I'm still getting the same results. What can I do to fix this problem?


Same here, my daughter has down the same thing any choices or anyone have an answer? Change out charging port?


Same here; I followed all of the instructions and even called the company- The representative said all the console needed was a new AC adaptor. Got that; nothing has changed.


@deborahruehl Unfortunately, that leaves the other hardware problems, either the charging port or that M92 chip. I assume the port would be cheaper and easier to replace, so that's what I'd do first. If that doesn't fix it, then probably need to replace the M92 chip. I'm pretty experienced with repairs (I've authored several guides myself), but these are jobs I'd probably have to take to a shop.


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Repair.wiki has a page on this specific error, and it appears to be related to the charging port itself. Their main suggested fix for it is to unsolder the USB-C connector and replace it. That could certainly explain your Switch's failure to be able to charge in the first place. Here's a link to their page.

Nintendo Switch Error Code: 2101-0001 - Repair Wiki

Here's what they have to say about possible causes of this error.

This error code is generally caused by M92T36, the power management IC for the Switch. 2101-0001 is an error on the i2c bus. This is a faulty M92 in MOST cases. There are cases where it can be something such as a faulty charging cable, excessive force, or accidental damage when inserting and removing the charging cable. It is not usually an error that will just occur on its own for no reason. Because this is a hardware-related (critical) error code, replacing components is your only option.

This error code is generally caused by M92T36. 2101-0001 is an error on the i2c bus.

This error code can be caused by the user inserting the cable incorrectly (on a strange angle).

This error code can be caused by faulty accessories, such as a damaged charging cable or dock.

This error code can be caused by some poorly created 3rd party USB-C accessories which lack proper circuit protection.

Obviously you'll want to start with eliminating other components as the cause first before going through the difficult process of replacing the charging port. Try a different charging cable and a different charger first. Clean out the port with a toothpick or other non-metallic object and isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher concentration).

Replacing the port itself is not an easy job; I consider myself a pretty experienced DIY-er with decent soldering skills, but I'd hesitate to have a go at that repair myself. Should be straight-forward for a repair shop and shouldn't cost too much if you've got someone local that can handle it.

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changed the M92T36 chip and error is gone. Thanks


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Hi, I took apart my switch and before I put it back together, I ran into this problem. I checked the M92 COMPLETELY for shorts, but everything looked good. Since it worked before taking it apart, I was 99.999% sure it wasn't the port. Then I found out that the FAN was not connected completely. I connected it better and it works now, so keep in mind that it might also be a fan issue. Exact same error code while booting.

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Interesting find, Loutr. Thank you for posting this; always a chance this will help someone else!


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The switch is dumb and stupid.

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