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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's S22 Ultra smartphone, released in February 2022.

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replacement frame/screen is different

ordered replacement screen for s22 ultra, after tear down my phone ear piece speaker/vibration motor assembly is different than instructions and new frame. The piece from old phone will not fit replacement...even if i could order the new earpiece speaker assembly it appears the new pc wouldn't fit my old motherboard.

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@jebboon did you check the version on the back of your phone to ensure you ordered the right replacement. Let us know what exact version your phone is and maybe consider posting some pictures of the replacement part you got. It sounds like you have either ordered or received a wrong part. Adding images to an existing question

Contact the vendor (you did not tell us where you purchased it from) and discuss a replacement.

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In practice, it shouldn't matter anymore since the U/U1 shift since the difference is the carrier lock status basically with the same phone, the bloat can be removed with the Samsung unlocked ROM private key now. But maybe some parts have differences still.


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