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Before we dismantle the phone, we first dismantle the box and accessories. Obviously, there's a cable and a wall charg—

Wait ... you're telling us there's no charger in the box? Didn't Samsung mock Apple for doing this very thing last year? Oh, right—Samsung deleted that too.

All kidding aside, it's not a surprising about-face from Samsung—and it's a small step in the right direction for reducing e-waste.

Design-wise, this year's Galaxy S-series sports a less-rounded edge (although it's not as dramatic a flattening as Apple gave the iPhone).

Meanwhile, the camera bump has spread all the way to the Ultra's aluminum edge, creating a smooth transition for the eyes (and fingers).

Camera bumps may be here to stay, but expandable storage has gone the way of the dodo—the microSD tray is missing in the S21 series.

One thing we really love about the new design: The matte finish on the glass rear panel. (It doesn't feel much like glass, but packs a rather premium plasticky feel, if you're into that.)

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