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Holy fingerprint sensor, Batman! The new in-screen sensor on the S21 Ultra (right) is a whopping 77% larger than the S20's now-puny-looking one.

On top of software improvements, the larger surface area lets you be more lax with finger placement, while also collecting more data per scan.

The S21 Ultra annoyingly skips the convenience of a modular display cable, like the one we found in the regular S21. That makes screen replacements slightly more cumbersome.

We peek through a cutout and spot the display chip. We'll leave the display ungluing ceremony for a real repair guide.

As seen from our X-ray shot earlier, the SIM card reader has moved from the top of the phone—where it was connected to the motherboard—to the bottom of the phone, now connected to the daughterboard, right next to the USB-C charging port.

Squeezed into the corner of the frame is a new antenna, perhaps of the UWB variety? This isn't the first Samsung device with UWB, but it's the first Galaxy S phone to include the tech, which is pretty interesting.

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