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Familiarity breeds contempt. That couldn't be more glue true as we begrudgingly pull out our isopropyl alcohol and get to work extracting the battery.

Speaking of familiarity, this power pack looks awfully familiar...

No wonder! It's very nearly the same battery from the S20 Ultra, with just a couple tiny updates.

If you need a refresher, you're looking at a 5000 mAh power pack, running at 3.88V for 19.40 Wh. (Last year's model ran the battery at 3.86 V, for 19.30 Wh.)

This puts the iPhone 12 Pro Max's 14.13 Wh battery to shame—along with, oddly, the Note 20 Ultra's seemingly-gargantuan 17.46 Wh power pack. Samsung, your product positioning, it confuse.

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