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The same large adhesive gasket holds both the back cover and camera bump in place—but the bump can be carved off separately, making for some interesting DIY customization possibilities.

... and, unlike the S20 Ultra, the glass camera lenses can be individually replaced—which is probably a good thing.

With the back panel removed, we can gawk at how humongous this phone looks next to our tiny Minnow Driver Kit.

The 'lil guy still gets the job done—proving it's not the size of the toolkit that matters, but how you use it.

The guts seem a slight iteration over last year's S20 Ultra, with minor changes to the wireless charging coil and upper antenna assemblies.

The earpiece speaker comes out with the antenna assembly this go-round, which is an updated design we first saw in the Note 20—as opposed to being separately adhered to the frame in prior phones like the S20 Ultra.

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