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The tablet won't turn on

The device won't turn on after pressing power button/black display.

Depleted battery

Before taking apart the Galaxy Note 10.1, make sure to check if the battery is charged. This is done by plugging the charger into the wall. If the battery charging symbol shows up, wait until the tablet is charged and try to turn it on again. If the symbol doesn't show up, try a different charger.

Faulty battery

If your Galaxy Note 10.1 still won't turn on, the battery gets drained very quickly, or won't charge, you may have to replace the battery.

Faulty display

It is possible that the display doesn't work. Try to check to see if the device is on. If the device is on, it should be able to plug into any laptop or computer via USB and check if a device is recognized. If the device is recognized and the display shows no activity even when trying to interact with the tablet, the display is probably bad and needs to be replaced.

SD card unexpectedly removed

The SD card's contents are no longer accessible on your device.

microSD card contacts are dirty

Remove the SD card from the Galaxy Note 10.1, and clean the contacts with a soft, dry cloth. Also clean the SD slot, this is usually done by using a can of dust remover. Check the slot for corrosion, rust, or water damage. After that, insert the SD card and make sure the SD card properly fitted.

Faulty microSD card

Remove the microSD card again and see if your computer or laptop can read it. If it can be read, save all files to your computer. Once this is done you will have to replace the microSD card to ensure avoiding losing data from the use of failing hardware.

Faulty microSD port

If the device repeatedly fails to properly interface with microSD cards, you may have to replace the microSD port.

Loud speaker audio is distorted

There is a lack of audio quality when listening to things through the internal speakers on the tablet

Low quality audio streams

Listen to other audio files/sources that are known to sound well on other devices to see if this is an issue with the quality of the audio stream.

Faulty Loud Speaker modules

If this issue is not local to certain audio streams, or the device fails to output any audio even when the speaker volume isn't muted, try replacing the loud speaker modules.

The back camera isn't working properly.

The videos/images captured using the back camera are of subpar quality or completely absent.

Dirty camera lens

Try cleaning the exposed area of the back camera with a soft, dry cloth to remove potential residue.

Faulty back camera

If the back camera is fails to produce images, or consistently produces images that are of poor quality even after cleaning the lens, the issue may be intrinsic to its build quality and it may need to be replaced.

The LCD display outputs either a faulty image or no image at all.

Your LCD display is no longer displaying things properly.

Poor LCD display connection

If the LCD display is showing a faulty image or no image at all, try checking the connection (follow up to step 3 in this guide) to the motherboard. Check to see if the device is functional by plugging it in to a computer to see if the files are accessible. If the LCD connector is found to be faulty, it may need to be replaced.

Faulty LCD screen

If the LCD display still won't work, try replacing it.

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Dan Brown - Ответить

When I turn on my galaxy note 10.1, it stays on the introductory screen and does not fully boot up. I tried everything that I know to try can anyone help?

Otis Washington - Ответить

I have the same problem otis have you managed to fix it

ronnie head -

My tablet is doing the same--- how do I fix it ?

Suzi Bedelov -

Mine is doing the same thing. What did you do?

Joe Dehaven -

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